Cross Cultural Visual Presentation

Cross Cultural Visual Presentation

Approaching foreign markets?

Based on an understanding of your customers and clients?

Marketing concept adjusted and translated for your brand, product selection and presentation and unique selling points?

Visual presentation is an important aspect of localizing the marketing concept: What clients and customers in the target culture find attractive; how they structure information; how they expect to be addressed, how they want to be seen – these are all aspects of the richness of our multicultural global community and economy. Listening and learning are essential for building successful and lasting intercultural relationships.

Design is in the eye of the beholder.

We at eyelikeit offer Cross Cultural Visual Solutions – a visual translation of your corporate identity and corporate design into German – including layout, the use of language, the use of metaphors, the use of images as well as usability and structure of the website.

Accuracy LLC

Accuracy LLC
St. Helens, Oregon, USA

Bottero Glass Technologies
Cuneo, Italia

El Amal

Pacific GTL Ltd.
Sydney, Australia

Karaganda, Kazakhstan

Australian Mining Holdings
Sydney, Australia

Daitokai, JFC Restaurants

GCC Gazella Corporate
Kaštel Štafilić, Croatia

Proteccion y descanso
Riobamba, Chimborazo, Ecuador

Toda Kogyo Corp.
Minato-ku, Japan

Cross Cultural Visual Presentation


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