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How You Find And Choose a Web Designers

How to find the web designer you need for your homepage and your website

Most of our clients (honestly speaking, only those who didn't end up being our clients) encounter the same problem: How do I find a web designer in the first place and then what are the criteria to choose one. The first question might be: do I need a good web designer, do I need a low budget webdesigner or do I need a good and reasonably priced good value for money webdesigner?

How do I find good web designers and how do I pick one?

The first Question is relativly easy to answer: Ask successful entrepreneurs of your personal and business network who run websites you like. Ask them with whom they work. Look at the websites of your direct competitors or in a broader range within your branch or industry - often you find a note in the imprint or at the bottom of the site which internet agency has designed the website. Ask your professional organziation - or simply google for webdesign, your city, and the attributes that are important to you.

Call or write and ask for an non binding first meeting to discuss your needs and their approach.

Criteria for the selection of a web designer

The following criteria could serve as a first check list. For micro projects they might apply all, for more complex projects you will need some more criteria. The most importend ones are normally concept, layout, programming and budget.

Concept   The first and most important criterion is the concept. Your web designer must understand your business. Of course he doesn't have to understand your business as good as you do - which would not be realistic. But he should be able to understand what's the core of your business. He must understand what you are best at. He must understand what can best  convince your potential clients that you are the best for them.

And of course he should understand what's your crucial target group and how to address it. He should study your corporate identity and your corporate design. He should understand that the web application you are planning  is an integral component of your corporate communication.
Layout   Design is in the eye of the beholder -  That means that the layout and the webdesign is first of all for your clients. Your clients should like it. Your clients should at a glance find and understand the products and services they want. And they should want them from you!

The layout should be clear and simple. Most bad layouts are bad because they are to full or use to many design elements. The art is in leaving everything out that's not needed.

Look at the works the web designer has accomplished. Look at websites he has made in your industry as well as those of other branches. Ask your web designer for the business concept and design concept behind the respective layout.

Progamming   Individual programming is usually very time consuming and expensive. Check first if there are already solutions available that can serve your needs - content management systems, blogs, etc.

The budget is important. As well as what you get for it. Talk to your web designer. Not all cost are self-explanatory. Ask.

A clear design can be more eleborate and expensive than an overloaded out-of-the-box website. Actually, it usually is. The understanding of your business, one of the main essential musts for accomplishing a professional business website, may be a key feature of one designer and not be in the scope of the other. Consider  price per page offers or dumping offers for  business websites with great care. No website can be better than a bad one!